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Cooking LightWhy You Should Be Cooking Light Recipes

It makes more sense for you to be cooking light recipes for a variety of reasons. Statistics show us that an increased number of people in the developed world suffer from lifestyle diseases. Diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer are on the rise because of the lifestyle choices we make.

The foods we traditionally ate were made of rich ingredients and took lots of time to cook. The modern ‘conveniences’ available today have taken away a lot of our leisure time and have increased our stress levels. You also no longer require the number of calories consumed by people of an earlier age who did not have cars, elevators, or escalators.

Besides who has the time to labor over recipes calling for lots of ingredients and preparation. In most families, both parents work and people find it preferable to be cooking light recipes if they cook at home at all.

Home-cooked meals are undeniably more nutritious and cheaper than eating out. Cooking light recipes at home gives you the satisfaction of providing your family with a healthy diet without you having to slave in the kitchen. It’s lighter on your wallet as well. Our palates have changed over the years and you will find many people preferring light food to traditionally heavy meals.

Light recipes don’t necessarily mean that the food is tasteless or insipid. This is a popular misconception. All it entails is substituting certain ingredients for others and bringing down the number of fats and condiments to reasonable levels. Technology has advanced so far that you now have cookware that enables you to use less fat and butter in your cooking. Lighter versions of cream, fat, and butter are also easily available for your use.

It is also increasingly popular to substitute olive oil for butter in cooking. You can add flavor and moisture to your cooking by using homemade or store-bought stock. Try other styles of cooking like Chinese stir fry, rather than the more traditional roasting or frying. If the recipe really calls for frying, see if you can shallow rather than deep fry.

There are lots of resources available to guide those interested in cooking light recipes. Practically every well-known chef or cookbook author has a book on lo-fat recipes. They have even created lighter versions of their signature recipes. Make the most of these and enjoy a healthier more flavorful life.

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Cooking Light

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