Pairing & Serving Wine – a Decanter online course

pairing serving wine a decanter online course

Pairing & Serving wine: a beginners guide offers an introduction to the basics of food and wine pairing, giving readers the tools to build the foundations for the perfect dining experience. 

‘Decanter has always had a very keen interest in helping enthusiasts learn more about all aspects of wine,’ said editor-in-chief Chris Maillard. ‘This course is an excellent resource for those who want to improve their knowledge of one of the most important and interesting parts of enjoying and appreciating wine.’

The online course can be accessed through any device, allowing users to learn through either a laptop, tablet or phone, when and where most enjoyable and convenient. The Discover platform has been developed to offer a simple and easy way to learn new content and skills, at one’s own pace. 

The Pairing & Serving wine: a beginners guide course consists of four modules: 

✔ Wine pairing: Introduction 

✔ Wine pairing: Meat

✔ Wine serving: Pouring, decanting & storing 

✔ Wine pairing: Cheese 

The full course can now be purchased at a discounted price of £16.99.
Each module can be purchased separately for £4.99. 

How does it work? 

  1. Visit Pairing & Serving Wine: A beginners guide
  2. Register for a free Discover account 
  3. Complete your purchase of the course 
  4. Login to Discover 
  5. Complete the course at your own pace and expand your knowledge

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